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About Us

Why Choose Us

Safecote is an innovative winter service solutions company that is able to offer a turnkey solution to your winter service issues, whatever the challenge. Each and every one of our products is unique and offers unrivalled performance, exceptional value for money and environmental benefits. Independent research and testing of our products is common place and we offer an open-book policy with these studies. Our experience in winter service is significant. We are a founder member of the National Salt Spreading Research Group, (NSSRG), which has now evolved in to the National Winter Service Research Group, (NWSRG). This group has been responsible for driving policy standards forward in the UK over recent years. In addition we are regular attendee’s at winter service conferences around the world, and have given many papers on snow and ice clearance issues at international forums. We continually strive to improve winter service standards by learning from best practices globally and introducing new technologies in markets where benefits should accrue. In addition to the highways market, we also offer products and services that are ideal for the footway, cycleway, rail, facilities management and domestic sectors.

Our Story

Safecote Ltd has been involved in the Winter Service business for many years in the UK, born of affiliations with the US market, and the ability to observe first-hand what has happened in North America in the rapid evolution and adoption of what are known as “Agricultural bi-products” [ABP’s].

The leading executives within Safecote have been involved in the history and evolution of these products from the very early days of the 1990’s in the US, and as the products became accepted and proven in the severe winters of North America, where about 15 million tonnes of salt is used annually, it was decided to introduce the product concept to the wider European markets.

It was and is recognised that a simple transfer of US technology and operating principles could not be embedded into a unique UK or other European market without going through a process of evaluation and review under local authorities, to establish a proper basis with independent verification.

Therefore in 1999 Safecote entered a relationship with TRL Ltd, a company with strong credibility within the UK and throughout Europe, for such an assessment to take place. This was a lengthy process, demanding a high level of management and financial resources, but the most effective and professional route to market. This philosophy has been continued and extended with other technical organisations to involve scientific analysis, quality control and product optimisation to give customers the confidence that they are dealing from a credible basis from which to make appropriate and meaningful decisions.

The Safecote product is not meant to replace rock or marine salt application, but to work in conjunction with salt and mitigate against the negative effects of chloride salts in both environmental and asset maintenance terms, using the existing supply infrastructure.

Relationships with salt producers are strong, and joint supply agreements are in place. The supply chain is established and is underpinned by a very strong technical and quality control capability.

Over recent years we have introduced further products and services to our sales offering.  All these products have USP's that set us apart from competitiors and are 'best in class' in what they set out to achieve.

Safecote has established a principle of synergy and cooperation with all aspects of the Winter Service industry, a proper technical foundation, and transparency in all its dealings with professionals at all levels. This viewpoint is the cornerstone of our business, and will continue to be so. Our customer care and innovative approach to solution solving is second to none within our industry and we look forward to building on this further in the winters to come.

Safecote – making winter safer.